Our Gin

Respect for Quality & Craftsmanship

The heart of the distillery is our still ‘Judy’, named after the main character from Hitchcock’s masterpiece Vertigo. Our gin is handmade in batches of only 120 bottles using the one-shot London Dry Gin distillation method. Some of our botanicals are macerated before distillation to fix the oils resulting in a rich palette of flavours.

Essential Oils

In addition to our pure grain alcohol, the essential oils of our thirteen exquisite botanicals play an important role in the creation of our Vertigo gin. The selection of, among others, the hand harvested Ethiopian passion berry pepper and the wild andaliman pepper from the jungle of Sumatra is done with great care in order to guarantee our top quality and consistency at all times.

Dedicated to perfection

Surrender yourself to the experience we call Vertigo…